Teamwork makes the dream work

Here’s a glimpse of the amazing team behind all of our major successes. At Innoseis ST, we believe that teamwork is the secret to success. Our dynamic workspace makes sure that collaboration is integrated in everything we do. From ideation to execution, our team thrives on synergy, creativity, and mutual support. We strongly believe that […]

Innoseis ST and IXA reflect on the challenges of academic entrepreneurship

Upon celebrating our 10 year milestone, it’s appropriate to acknowledge IXA’s role in the Innoseis journey. IXA has been a key partner, offering invaluable guidance and resources to navigate the complex landscape of academic entrepreneurship. Their early engagement and assistance in establishing proper arrangements for intellectual property have been pivotal in shaping our trajectory. To […]

Innoseis its technology displayed at the NIKHEF EXPOSTRIP in Amsterdam Science Park

First and foremost we’d like to congratulate NIKHEF on completing their renovation at Amsterdam Science Park. It has been the utmost pleasure to work in their environment which facilitates collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs. Innoseis Sensor Technologies has been able to grow within the NIKHEF ecosystem over the last 13 years and it’s an honour […]

CEO Mark Beker on Innoseis ST its developments and future projects in interview with Amsterdam Science Park’s science and business team.

Embark on a thrilling journey with Innoseis Sensor Technologies, a dynamic startup born at the heart of innovation, Amsterdam Science Park. From humble beginnings, we’ve skyrocketed to become pioneers in sensor development, revolutionizing high-tech systems and materials. Our sensors, initially crafted for subsurface imaging, have transcended boundaries, infiltrating diverse sectors such as energy, transport, and […]

Meet our Business Manager, Shanine Hoost

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to one of the masterminds behind the scenes – our esteemed Business Manager, Shanine Hoost. Starting as an office manager at Innoseis in 2019, during her studies at the University of Amsterdam, Shanine gained experience in managing the company its bookkeeping, payroll and human […]

Innoseis ST technology selected for seismic measurements on the lunar surface!

AMSTERDAM, October 24th 2023 – Innoseis Sensor Technologies is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Fleet Space Technologies, a leading Australian space company specialising in satellite technology and geophysical solutions, to embark on a pioneering mission to harness seismic data from the Moon’s surface. From lunar exploration to seismic research, this partnership will help to unlock new capabilities […]

Gravity gradiometry – Innoseis ST eyes commercial application following contribution to big science and fundamental physics research

In 2021 Innoseis Sensor Technologies joined the initiative of Einstein Telescope Technologies (ETT) to further enhance the cutting-edge technologies and subsurface research related to the Einstein Telescope.  The Einstein Telescope is an advanced gravitational-wave detector that was designed to detect and observe gravitational waves. Predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, Gravitational waves are defined as waves […]

Mustafa Yasar has completed his software development internship!

We hereby congratulate Mustafa Yasar on the completion of this internship at Innoseis Sensor Technologies!  After the completion of his bachelor in Law, Mustafa decided to make a career switch to software development in The Netherlands. Therein he completed a 28-week course designed to cover all aspects of full-stack development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, […]

We have a new Embedded Software Engineer! Welcome Pedro Cassanova!

Innoseis Sensor Technologies is delighted to announce the newest addition to its exceptional team, Pedro Cassanova, who joins us as a talented Embedded Software Engineer. With a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation, Pedro brings a fresh perspective that will enhance our efforts in revolutionizing the multiple industries. Pedro’s background in software engineering […]

Boris Mulder celebrates 5 years at Innoseis

It is with great pleasure that we present the 5-Year Employment Award to Boris Mulder. This award is not just a token of appreciation but it’s a symbol of our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering loyalty, your passion, and your significant contributions to Innoseis and Innoseis Sensor Technologies. In a world where change is constant, […]