Innoseis Seismic Node featured by Petroleum Development Oman

The autonomous seismic node, developed by Innoseis is being used in the operations of Petroleum Development Oman. “Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the leading exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. They deliver the majority of the country’s crude oil production and natural gas supply, and focus on delivering excellence, growth and sustainable […]

Innoseis Sensor Technologies presents at PROVADA

  Innoseis ST CEO, Mark Beker was invited to present at the PROVADA real estate expo in Amsterdam to highlight the importance of fundamental science and industry collaboration, and to provide an example of the economic impact and spin-off activities that can arise from such high-tech activities.  The presentation was given at the pavilion of […]

Innoseis is part of the Dutch National Science Agenda (NWA)

Innoseis is now part of the Dutch National Science Agenda (NWA), a large financing instrument from the government that involves the public in deciding which questions science should try to answer (and fund). Within the NWA project the Dutch Black Hole Consortium (DBHC) we support a nation wide programme to study black holes from various […]

How can MEMS inertial sensors contribute to a sustainable future?

In this multi-part essay Innoseis Sensor Technologies CEO, Mark Beker, investigates how MEMS inertial sensors can contribute to solutions to the global challenges humanity faces in combating climate change. In this part 1, we look at the implications for geophysics.  Introduction In the light of increasing urgency with respect to climate change, humanity must turn […]

Major milestone achieved in latest MEMS accelerometer prototype

Innoseis ST is proud to share the achievement of a major milestone in the latest development of one of its ultra sensitivity inertial sensors. The latest batch has successfully been manufactured and have also returned from the vacuum packaging stage. This is an important milestone as the vacuum packaging allows us to test the ultimate […]

The Innoseis team stands with Ukraine!

The Innoseis team stands with Ukraine! We condemn acts of war as a way of resolving conflicts. We also want to express solidarity with all citizens that are experiencing war and humanitarian crimes against them and their people. The team has decided to give a financial contribution to Giro555, which is a Dutch organisation that facilitates large crowdfunding campaigns to […]

Innoseis ST participating in Big Science project: Einstein Telescope Technologies

Innoseis Sensor Technologies has been selected, along side 10 other consortium partners to tackle some of the most demanding technical challenges for the realisation of the next generation gravitational wave detector Einstein Telescope. Innoseis ST will be providing its expertise in the field of high sensitivity, cutting edge inertial sensing. Not only will this lead […]

Innoseis ST featured in Innovation Origins

Helping sense gravitational waves, autonomous vehicle navigation, and keeping satellites from bumping into each other: Just a few innovative uses for a new MEMS accelerometer by Innoseis Sensor Technologies. Read the full article.

Launch of Innoseis Sensor Technologies

Innoseis Sensor Technologies was formally launched on 1 October 2020. The Innoseis spin off will focus on the development and commercialization of the next generations of novel sensing products. It will leverage in-house expertise in high precision, low power wireless sensing technologies to once again improve the business and operational efficiencies of its clients. Patented […]