Innoseis its technology displayed at the NIKHEF EXPOSTRIP in Amsterdam Science Park

First and foremost we’d like to congratulate NIKHEF on completing their renovation at Amsterdam Science Park. It has been the utmost pleasure to work in their environment which facilitates collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs. Innoseis Sensor Technologies has been able to grow within the NIKHEF ecosystem over the last 13 years and it’s an honour to have our accomplishments visualised in their new Exhibit.

The Expostrip is a captivating showcase within the heart of the newly renovated Nikhef building in Amsterdam, offering a dynamic exploration into Nikhef’s groundbreaking research. It’s an exhilarating journey through the realms of science, where visitors can discover research conducted by the institute and its spinoffs.

As a Nikhef Spinoff, Innoseis (ST) has been able to showcase its Quantum node and its new and improved inertial MEMS accelerometer. The quantum node featuring improved ultra-low power technology and a new design, is lighter (650 grams) and more efficient than its predecessor and competitors. These nodes are utilised in industries relying heavily on seismic data, such as geothermal energy production, earthquake monitoring, environmental studies, and geotechnical investigations.

With a focus on maintaining high sensitivity, precision, and efficiency at affordable costs, our developers actively sought opportunities to apply Innoseis’ foundational physics research in diverse industries. This endeavor led to the establishment of Innoseis Sensor Technologies B.V. and the creation of its innovative MEMS-accelerometer. Offering exceptional performance in sensitivity, stability, and power efficiency at a competitive price point, this accelerometer sets a new standard in the industry.

The key selling point of the MEMS-accelerator lies in its exclusive technology, which enables the production of the most accurate accelerometers and IMUs available on the market. These advanced sensors cater to high-end inertial sensing applications across various sectors, including autonomous vehicles, aerospace, defense, and infrastructure monitoring.