Innoseis ST and IXA reflect on the challenges of academic entrepreneurship

Upon celebrating our 10 year milestone, it’s appropriate to acknowledge IXA’s role in the Innoseis journey. IXA has been a key partner, offering invaluable guidance and resources to navigate the complex landscape of academic entrepreneurship. Their early engagement and assistance in establishing proper arrangements for intellectual property have been pivotal in shaping our trajectory. To honour our success, they’ve featured an article on their website explaining their part in the early stages of Innoseis.

IXA was already engaged early on, stated Mark: ‘We were in contact with IXA from the start, because we wanted to establish proper arrangements for intellectual property. In the initial phases, IXA played a crucial role for two main reasons. First, they supported us with funding for the proof of concept, which was incredibly valuable. Secondly, we worked closely with IXA to create a license agreement that was mutually beneficial. IXA’s network and their ability to help scientists navigate the transition to the business world are quite unique and helpful. We appreciated that IXA allowed us the freedom to shape things the way we wanted.’ “

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