Innoseis ST technology selected for seismic measurements on the lunar surface!

AMSTERDAM, October 24th 2023 – Innoseis Sensor Technologies is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Fleet Space Technologies, a leading Australian space company specialising in satellite technology and geophysical solutions, to embark on a pioneering mission to harness seismic data from the Moon’s surface. From lunar exploration to seismic research, this partnership will help to unlock new capabilities for humanity’s exploration efforts beyond Earth.     

In a recent announcement by Fleet Space Technologies, the company has been awarded a contract by the Australian Space Agency to build geophysical devices for locating water deposits on the Moon as part of the Moon to Mars Initiative’s Demonstrator Program. This contract highlights Fleet Space Technologies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of exploration by utilising cutting-edge seismic technology to learn more about the subsurface of the Moon, particularly at the Moon’s South Pole.

By leveraging the latest advances in seismic technology and research, the collaboration between Innoseis Sensor Technologies and Fleet Space Technologies represents a major advance as humanity continues to progress toward its vision of exploring worlds beyond Earth. The cutting edge MEMS sensors used on Fleet’s SPIDER device will enable the collection of precise seismic data providing invaluable insights into lunar geology and seismic activity. SPIDER is short for Fleet’s Seismic Payload for Interplanetary Discovery, Exploration and Research. It’s a miniature seismic station, designed to record seismic data that can help characterise the lunar regolith and assist in the search for ice deposits – vital for sustaining human life beyond Earth.

Dr. Mark Beker, CEO at Innoseis Sensor Technologies, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Fleet Space Technologies represents a major milestone in scientific exploration and technological innovation. We are honoured to contribute our expertise in high-precision seismic sensing to a mission that will advance our understanding of the lunar geology and beyond.”

We are excited to work with Innoseis Sensor Technologies as we build geophysical devices to locate water deposits on the Moon as part of our contract with the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Initiative Demonstrator Program,” added Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of Fleet Space Technologies. “We believe the learnings and discoveries that are enabled by seismic data collection on the Moon will be critical to uncover insights into sustaining human life beyond Earth in the years ahead.

For more information about Fleet Space Technologies and the Moon to Mars Demonstrator Program, check out their recent announcement here.

About Innoseis Sensor Technologies:
Innoseis Sensor Technologies is a leading provider of advanced motion sensing solutions. Renowned for its high-precision seismic sensors and inertial measurement devices, Innoseis Sensor Technologies is committed to revolutionising the field of inertial sensing and exploration across various industries.

About Fleet Space Technologies:
Fleet Space Technologies, a leading Australian space company, is revolutionising humanity’s search for critical minerals, space exploration, and defence with its satellite-enabled solutions and seismic array technology (EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®). Headquartered at the national centre of Australia’s space industry in Adelaide, Fleet has expanded its global footprint to the US, Canada, Chile, and Luxembourg with over 100+ employees worldwide.