Meet our Business Manager, Shanine Hoost

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to one of the masterminds behind the scenes – our esteemed Business Manager, Shanine Hoost.

Starting as an office manager at Innoseis in 2019, during her studies at the University of Amsterdam, Shanine gained experience in managing the company its bookkeeping, payroll and human resource system. Over the years she gained an increased interest in the seismic industries and expressed her willingness to help the company grow.

With her experience in managing the day to day administration in the company and her knowledge gained upon completion of her bachelor degree in Business Economics with a major in organizational economics and minor in international law, Shanine has to ability to strategize and structure the company in a way that maximizes financial and human capital.

“I started at Innoseis when I was a student and I’m extremely grateful to have been guided by Mark (our CEO) over the years. It’s a fascinating business and we have a very motivated team. I’ve gained knowledge and experience in managing financial and human resource systems. My main goal is to help structure the company in a way that facilitates sustainable growth.”

Shanine Hoost