Innoseis ST and IXA reflect on the challenges of academic entrepreneurship

Upon celebrating our 10 year milestone, it’s appropriate to acknowledge IXA’s role in the Innoseis journey. IXA has been a key partner, offering invaluable guidance and resources to navigate the complex landscape of academic entrepreneurship. Their early engagement and assistance in establishing proper arrangements for intellectual property have been pivotal in shaping our trajectory. To […]

Gravity gradiometry – Innoseis ST eyes commercial application following contribution to big science and fundamental physics research

In 2021 Innoseis Sensor Technologies joined the initiative of Einstein Telescope Technologies (ETT) to further enhance the cutting-edge technologies and subsurface research related to the Einstein Telescope.  The Einstein Telescope is an advanced gravitational-wave detector that was designed to detect and observe gravitational waves. Predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, Gravitational waves are defined as waves […]

The 10 YEAR celebration of Innoseis

Last month, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Innoseis. As we’ve taken a moment to reflect on this incredible journey, we’re filled with immense gratitude and a profound sense of pride for what we have achieved with all of our employees and partners. This anniversary was not just about celebrating our accomplishments, but it also serves […]

10 Years of developing innovative solutions to seismic challenges.

Innoseis B.V. is a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of seismic monitoring and geophysical exploration. This story started in 2013, at the founding of a spin-off from the Gravitational Physics Group at Nikhef (the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands), where Dr. Mark Beker and Prof. Dr. Johannes van den Brand transformed their […]

The Innoseis team stands with Ukraine!

The Innoseis team stands with Ukraine! We condemn acts of war as a way of resolving conflicts. We also want to express solidarity with all citizens that are experiencing war and humanitarian crimes against them and their people. The team has decided to give a financial contribution to Giro555, which is a Dutch organisation that facilitates large crowdfunding campaigns to […]

Innoseis ST featured in Innovation Origins

Helping sense gravitational waves, autonomous vehicle navigation, and keeping satellites from bumping into each other: Just a few innovative uses for a new MEMS accelerometer by Innoseis Sensor Technologies. Read the full article.

Launch of Innoseis Sensor Technologies

Innoseis Sensor Technologies was formally launched on 1 October 2020. The Innoseis spin off will focus on the development and commercialization of the next generations of novel sensing products. It will leverage in-house expertise in high precision, low power wireless sensing technologies to once again improve the business and operational efficiencies of its clients. Patented […]