10 Years of developing innovative solutions to seismic challenges.

Innoseis B.V. is a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of seismic monitoring and geophysical exploration. This story started in 2013, at the founding of a spin-off from the Gravitational Physics Group at Nikhef (the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands), where Dr. Mark Beker and Prof. Dr. Johannes van den Brand transformed their research in seismicity and gravitational wave detection into the development of highly effective lightweight wireless seismic sensors that had an application potential in the energy industry. 

With the mission to provide innovative solutions to seismic challenges, the company has developed and commercialised a novel sensing product called Quantum that has successfully captured 35% of the global market in 3 years. Thereafter, Quantum was sold to INOVA, who is now the sole distributer of our nodal sensor.

The Evolution

product development

Starting with the goal to push the boundaries in wireless seismic sensor networks, Innoseis developed its first ultra-low power node, TremorNet. This nodal technology was significantly smaller and easier to handle than its competitors, while providing the industry with its fast recording time. These features simplified the deployment and maintenance of large sensor networks, while making them faster and more cost efficient than cabled or other wireless systems.

Striving for precision and performance maximisation, the company improved its design with the development of Quantum. With its improved ultra- low power technology and new design, this node was made even lighter (650 grams) and more efficient than its predecessor. Designed to scale up to 1 million node networks, Quantum allowed for higher resolution imaging and wide azimuth geometries. It also provided increased topology freedom for various terrains across large survey areas. 

These nodes have been used in industries that heavily rely on seismic data, including, geothermal energy production, earthquake monitoring, environmental studies, and geotechnical investigations. By providing unparalleled seismic monitoring capabilities, the Innoseis nodes empowered its clients with critical insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions while reducing environmental and operational risks.

Innoseis sensor Technologies B.v.

Keeping the idea of high sensitivity, precision and efficiency at low costs in mind, our developers seeked an opportunity to apply Innoseis’ fundamental physics research in other industries. This has resulted in founding Innoseis Sensor Technologies B.V. and the development of its new MEMS-accelerometer. The competitively priced accelerometer provides world record performance in sensitivity, stability and power.

The MEMS- accelerator’s unique selling proposition lies in its proprietary technology to make the most accurate accelerometers and IMUs in the market for high-end inertial sensing applications across industries like autonomous vehicles, aerospace, defence, and infrastructure monitoring. Innoseis Sensor Technologies is the only company that offers unparalleled sensing accuracy on a microchip scale and with reduced power consumption at a comparable price to that of other high-end, underperforming sensors. 

As a deep-tech start-up driven by a passion for precision, reliability, and advanced sensor technology, Innoseis Sensor Technologies’ goal is to provide the industry with state-of-the-art inertial sensors that empower businesses and researchers to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and performance in their applications. The company is committed to develop and manufacture inertial sensors that meet the diverse needs of its customers across a wide range of industries.