The einstein telescope

About the project

The Einstein Telescope (ET) is an upcoming underground observatory designed to detect gravitational waves. The Meuse-Rhine Euregion, which borders the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, is being considered as a possible location for the project. The project “Einstein Telescope Technologies” (ETT) is aimed at realizing the ET. Besides Innoseis ST,  11 other knowledge institutions and companies collaborate within the project to develop the required groundbreaking technologies, subsurface investigations, and technology spin-offs to other sectors. The project complements other research and work in projects such as ETpathfinder, E-TEST, and ET2SMEs.

Innoseis Sensor Technologies contributes to the exploration Technologies (ET) by developing specialized sensing technology, including MEMS accelerometers and gravity gradiometers. These technologies detect seismic vibrations and fluctuations in underground density, essential for applications like CO2 storage monitoring, mineral exploration, geothermal studies, environmental monitoring, and civil engineering. Innoseis focuses on mechanical systems for gravity gradiometers, enhancing durability and reducing failure points. Their devices, combining mechanics with electronics for signal processing, are compact, lightweight, and easy to deploy, enabling single-person operation for both short-term measurements and long-term monitoring. Their contributions promise advancements in safety, resource exploration, and infrastructure development, crucial for addressing global challenges in energy and climate change mitigation.

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