Towards nano-g sensing for high-precision orbital manoeuvres

A.K. Dokoupil(1), M.G. BekerĀ (1), T. PetersĀ (1), H.L.M. Heeres(1), A. BertoliniĀ (2) For autonomous positioning and navigation, high-accuracy inertial sensor data is needed. Low-cost micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS)-based inertial measurement units (IMUs) available today do not provide the required level of accuracy. We present a novel MEMS accelerometer that provides acceleration data with ultra-low noise levels. The […]

How can MEMS inertial sensors contribute to a sustainable future?

In this multi-part essay Innoseis Sensor Technologies CEO, Mark Beker, investigates how MEMS inertial sensors can contribute to solutions to the global challenges humanity faces in combating climate change. In this part 1, we look at the implications for geophysics.  Introduction In the light of increasing urgency with respect to climate change, humanity must turn […]