HvA graduation Internship completed [8.9/10] by Ruben Stauttener!

Congratulations to our Electrical Engineering intern Ruben Stauttener!
He’s a student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and has completed his graduation internship at Innoseis ST for which he received an 8.9/10!

The goal of Ruben’s 6 month project was to find a way to optimise the wireless data transfers between nodes and docking stations. He was supervised by our technology development VP, Aran Dokoupil. 

“In the last few months, I had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of MEMS and other cutting-edge technologies at Innoseis ST during my graduation internship. Throughout my experience, my main focus was on enhancing the functionality of the Docking Station. This project allowed me to gain valuable insights into accompanying topologies and witness the incredible implementations employed by the talented team at Innoseis ST.Working alongside the team members, I witnessed their collaborative efforts to develop a functional product.  Additionally, engaging in countless tech-talks with my supervisor further fueled my curiosity and passion for this field. Overall, my internship experience at Innoseis ST left me eager for more knowledge and the chance to contribute further to the exciting advancements in this industry.” – Ruben Stauttener

At Innoseis ST, we believe in guiding the next generation of engineers. Therefore, we’re always open to facilitate students looking for a graduation internship project in software and/or hardware engineering.

If you’re interested, feel free to send us your CV, motivation letter and project interest to Shanine Hoost.