Innoseis Sensor Technologies presents at PROVADA


Innoseis ST CEO, Mark Beker was invited to present at the PROVADA real estate expo in Amsterdam to highlight the importance of fundamental science and industry collaboration, and to provide an example of the economic impact and spin-off activities that can arise from such high-tech activities. 

The presentation was given at the pavilion of the Province of Zuid-Limburg. This province in the south of The Netherlands is a leading candidate location for the future gravitational wave detector Einstein Telescope. The presence of such an important international science facility will be a boon for the wider area, not only from the perspective of scientific research but also due to the significant anticipated industrial and commercial activity. As a spin-off company of gravitational wave technology Innoseis ST is a perfect example of how fundamental research can lead to commercial activity that is groundbreaking, highly innovative, and facilitates job creation and economic impact.